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Whether it's an individual component, or a full fluid transfer system design through to commissioning, Treloar has the capability, experience and expertise to deliver a solution.


Loading arms: for the safe transfer of liquid or liquefied gas

Treloar offers a range of standard design loading arms that cover the majority of applications using Australian-made parts. Sizes range from DN50 to DN200 made in carbon or stainless steel. Treloar’s custom service ensures loading arms meet clients’ exact requirements. All arms are factory tested before distribution and can be automated by means of pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. Treloar can also supply driveaway protection and various sensors and parking adaptors to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. Clients are welcome on site to trial the function of the arms before delivery where Treloar can fine-tune the balance to ensure the operators are comfortable.

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Step this way: a range of folding stairs

Treloar supplies WLT safe access systems, a European leader in the industry, which offers standard stair designs that will work for most of the tanker access required in Australia. Treloar’s close working partnership with WLT allows for the production of custom solutions for a range of clients. Other systems include variable height platforms and mobile stairs.


Floating suction units: for easy product removal

Treloar’s three basic systems are made in Australia and cover a range of applications including: floating suction, floating roof drain and floating skimmer. All systems are made from corrosion-free aluminium, are easy to manipulate for tank servicing and can be custom designed to suit all tanks. The systems Treloar provides ensure the product removed from the storage tank is not contaminated and a sampling point can be included if required.


Skids: a mobile base for transfer

Treloar’s skids, also known as mobile product transfer gantries, can range from basic systems with a pump and mechanical flowmeter all the way through to complex blending lines with multiple additives and flow control. Treloar fabricates platforms and support structures to allow for mobile product transfer. These are typically a steel structure with process valves and equipment and a loading/unloading arm. The skid can be positioned in remote locations and needs only a supply connection for the product and electrical connection to allow loading or unloading where metering is required.

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Tailored support and service

Treloar not only produces and supplies high-quality equipment, the team can undertake site visits to evaluate an organisation’s current systems and make recommendations on where improvements can be made. Treloar’s return and service option allows clients to return products for maintenance or repair in the workshop. Treloar stocks a wide range of maintenance parts and can provide advice and pricing for products imported through the company’s range of partners. 

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