Conditions of Purchase

  1. Goods and services supplied shall be strictly in accordance with the drawings and specifications as detailed in the order; and shall comply in all respects with the current relevant Australian Standard Codes and Statutory Department requirements, unless otherwise specified. Goods may be rejected if they are of inferior quality, unsuitable for their intended use, or contrary to specifications. Such rejected goods are liable to be returned for replacement, refund of payment including reimbursement of any associated costs incurred by TRELOAR GROUP TRADING PTY. LIMITED (TGT) to rectify faults, or for credit, as TGT may decide.
  2. All goods and services ordered shall be warranted against faulty workmanship and defects, for a minimum period of 12 Months from date of receipt.
  3. The Contractor shall, in compliance with this order, operate a quality management system which meets the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001 ‐ 2008, as applicable to the type of goods and / or a service supplied, or meets specific TGT requirements.
  4. Material / test certificates, instructions and other associated documents shall be considered a deliverable item. As such, the purchase order shall be deemed complete only after all the required documents, produced in a legible form, have been delivered to TGT.
  5. Goods ordered are at the contractors risk until delivered to the point of delivery nominated in the order, and shall be quoted free into store unless otherwise specified.
  6. Prices and quantity are firm for the duration of the Purchase Order. Prices shown on Purchase Orders will be exclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST). No extra items or work will be paid for unless approved by TGT in writing before such work is commenced. All packaging charges are to be included in the tendered price.
  7. Delivery times shall be the essence of the Purchasing Contract, and TGT reserves the right to reject the whole, or any portion of the articles not supplied within the time stipulated. Should any circumstances arise to prejudice the timely delivery of goods, the Contractor must immediately notify TGT in writing. On request, the Contractor shall supply TGT with a detailed manufacturing program. The Contractor shall give TGT prior notice of completion of the order to ensure that inspection and transport can be arranged if required.
  8. Material, Jigs, Patterns or equipment supplied by TGT, will be delivered free of charge, to the works of the Contractor. Material supplied as free issue, will remain the property of TGT, and any surplus material is to be returned with the goods on completion of the order, if requested. The Contractor will be responsible to examine all material supplied to him by TGT upon arrival; to ensure that the supplied material meets the specification/s to manufacture the end product. Any losses, damages or destruction of material whilst in the possession of the Contractor, will be replaced by the Contractor at their own expense.
  9. Pattern equipment, special tools or gauges supplied by TGT to the Contractor, shall remain the property of TGT, and must be returned in good order and condition before payment will be made.
  10. Castings shall be first quality, clean, free of porosity and all other defects, properly dressed and fettled and shall accommodate the dimensions on the drawing/s. Under no circumstances will chaplets or any fillings be permitted without the authorization of TGT.
  11. Heat treatment and stress relieving are to be carried out strictly in accordance with the details on the order or drawings, and the Contractor shall supply a heat treatment certificate or stress relieving chart with the returned goods.
  12. Workmanship shall be first‐class throughout and subject to TGT inspection at all times. This inspection does not relieve the Contractor of the responsibility for correctness of the finished good/s.
  13. All drawings shall remain the property of TGT. Drawings supplied are confidential and shall only be used for the sole purpose of aiding business between the Contractor TGT. The delivery of these documents by TGT conveys no property rights therein nor in matters disclosed therein. Permission is expressly withheld to reproduce any part of these documents or to convey to others information contained in such documents.
  14. Drawings are not to be scaled and no departures are to be made by the Contractor, unless permission has been given in writing by TGT. Any discrepancy in drawing dimensions or points requiring interpretation must be referred to TGT before proceeding with the work.
  15. Payment shall be 30 days from the end of the month in which, a correctly rendered tax invoice is received, and the quantity of goods or services ordered, have been satisfactorily received, whichever is the latter, unless otherwise agreed to by TGT.
  16. Other Terms and Conditions of Purchase, specific to individual requirements, are as defined elsewhere on the Purchase Order.

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