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Dip and fill tubes form an integral part of each compartment in a road or storage tank. The FT300 filltubes are used where there is a requirement to top load.
The TS300 series tube steadies locate the dip and fill tubes on the tank floor and conform to AS2809.2.


• DT series dip tubes are made of extruded aluminium tube suitable for attachment to the FH series dip and fill hatches.
• The dip and fill tubes have a pressure equalising slot complete with an anti flash gauze in compliance with AS2809-2.
• The dip and fill tube steadies complete with striker pad are used to prevent movement of tubes when the vehicle is in motion or being filled.
• Only one weld position is required for the TS series tube steadies.
• The 45° slope at the end of the fill tube and the required clearance between each tube and the tank floor are an integral part of the casting on the TS300.
• Removal of dip and fill tubes can be achieved without the removal of the manway.
• The TS300D dip steady is available for customers who do not require a fill tube, such as for bottom loaded vehicles.
• The tube steadies may be fitted with a rubber bearing ring if required, to reduce tube vibration and wear.


TS300 Dip and Fill Tube Steady
TS300A Dip and fill tube steady with seals
TS300D Dip Steady

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