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R002191-703 Seal 68KT






This system is used to safely and speedily transfer petroleum products from tank trucks to underground service
station tanks. The 68KT Tight Fill Elbows connect to the 61AS series adaptors that are fitted to the fill pipe inlet on underground tanks


Connection is made by easy downward pressure of the elbow onto the adaptor.
Elbow levers have spring loaded snap action onto flange of adaptor.
Viton lip seal on the 68KT elbow provides a positive side seal between the elbow and adaptor at flow rates up to
1400 l/min.
Elbows may be positioned through 360° which prevents hose kinking and allows free flow of product from tanker,
thus minimising fuel drop time.
The elbow is easily removed from it’s adaptor, just press in the spring loaded arms and remove the elbow.
Light weight for easy handling.
Integral cast handle is positioned high on the elbow for reduced coupling effort.
Sight glass allows operator to determine:
a. That flow is or is not taking place
b. If an overfill of the tank has occurred
Connection to hose through 80mm or 100mm male kamlok


68KT Elbows = 5.6kg

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