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66PRK-40: Breakaway Shear Pin 40mm Replacement Kit






The 66SP-40 is designed for installation on fuel dispensing hoses that require a substantial volume of flow and therefore the potential for high volume spills.
The 66SP-40 uses shear-pin technology to ensure separation at proper pull forces and limit unwanted valve closures that stop or limit fuel flow.
Once separated, a qualified service technician can easily repair the breakaway with a 66PRK-40 Shear Pin Replacement Kit.


• Pull Force - The 66SP-40 will separate with a max pull force of 272 kgs and limit fuel spillage from either hose end.
• Easily Repaired - After seperation, the 66SP-40 can be repaired and put back in service with the 66PRK-40 Shear Pin Replacement Kit.
• Heavy Duty Construction - Physically designed for durability in high-volume environments, including a protective red, anodised aluminium body.
• Low Pressure Drop - Valve design ensures superior flow rate for high-volume fills.
• Superior Seals - Special Fluro-silicon O-rings help protect the valve in harsh, high-volume environments.


Max Static Pressure: 350kPa (50psi)
Size: 11/2” NPT
Weight: 0.87kg
Dimensions: A - 59mm, B - 194mm

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