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Order codes Spares

MC217 - C/W PLUG

MC217 - C/W PVV




MC407K - Spares kit no PVV

MC407VK - Spares kit with PVV

R802092-701 - Fill hatch seal (Nitrile)




The MC217V is for use on smaller tanks that do not need to be entered regularly but do require a small quick access or inspection / fill hatch. The MC217V emergency hatch incorporates the same lid used on our larger MC407 manway and has an inbuilt emergency vent & pressure vacuum vent. The standard coaming is mild steel for directly welding into steel tanks.


• A two step catch relieves built up pressure when releasing the inspection hatch, thus protecting the operator from injury.
• Multi purpose 200mm inspection, fill point with inbuilt emergency & pressure vacuum relief.
• PV vent incorporates rollover protection.
• PV vent assembly can be disconnected for easy maintenance.


PV vent pressure relief = 16 ± 1kPa
PV vent vacuum relief = 2 ± 1kPa
Emergency Vent relief pressure = 30 ± 3kPa
Emergency vent capacity = 5500m3 per hour at 45kPa

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Jun 20, 2022
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Dec 08, 2021
Case Study: Wesfarmers-CSBP liquid ammonia loading arms
Wesfarmers-CSBP has been using a Treloar solution for their liquid ammonia transfer system since it was originally installed in 1998 when Treloar worked with an international supplier to deliver many cutting edge projects and introduce new technologies to Australia. In this case, it was for Ammonia ...