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Flangelok™ is a cam-locking coupling for quick connection of industrial size flanged hose connections used in the transfer of:

chemicals, petroleum products, foods, syrups, water, waste products, fertilizer, cement and other bulk products in liquid, powder, slurry and gas form.

Flangelok couplings reduce hook-up time dramatically by replacing cumbersome nuts and studs with quickly tightened helical cams. It’s simple and safe to use - There is no more time consuming jockeying of drift pins and lead threads, no more dropped nuts and washers, crushed fingers, or pinched and leaking gaskets.


Mating a standard ANSI flange to the Flangelok, several cams are hand set for security, then tightened making use of the helical cam principle, for a tight, fast and reliable connection.


Performance Features:

Industrial Flangelok couplings are very secure. It is virtually impossible to loosen one of the cams, even intentionally, while there is pressure in the line. Flangelok couplings are corrosion resistant and factory tested

Design Features:

A Flanglok coupling consists of 2 to 6 rapid acting helical cams mounted on a flange. A permanently located O-ring replaces the conventional flange gasket, and may be used repeatably without loss of efficiency. Tough dependable Flangelok couplings are available in sizes from 4” (100mm) to 16” (400mm)in a variety of materials and are supplied with O-ring material to suit the application. Flangelok couplings are permanently installed on hoses, pipes and manifolds and are always ready for immediate use. A Flangelok blanking pad is available to keep the line sealed while not in use


Sizes: 4: - 16"
Material: SS316 or Carbon steel
Flange Type: ANSI150 or ANSI300
Order code:
size: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400
material: CS (carbon steel), SS (stainless steel)
Seal: V (Viton), E (EPDM), N (Nitrile)
Flange: A150, A300

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