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The OPW 144TA Tank Alarm is designed for high liquid level sensing - Australia: diesel only. Both audible and visual indicators are used to ensure reliable notifications. The 144TA is standard lithium battery powered for a long service life, and can be easily maintained into the future


• Audible Alarm - Sounds a 90-decibel alarm at 4 feet away.
• Visual Notifications - Red alarm light will flash during use for notification to user. Low battery light indicates when battery needs replaced.
• Intrinsically Safe - Complies with ANSI/UL 913 for Class I, Division 1 & 2 for Groups C & D hazardous locations - Australia: Diesel only.
• Long Life Lithium Battery - Self-powered by a Lithium battery which includes a 10-year shelf life to ensure peace of mind for the owner.
• Cold Weather Applicable - All components are rated for -40º C operation.
• Easy Installation - Requires no calibration and installs easily into a 25mm (1”) tank bung. May be assembled remotely or directly on top of tank.
• Corrosion-Resistance Construction - Petroleum and Environmental resistant housing and all stainless steel pipe fitting ensure a long product life.
• Various Installations - High Level Alarm is designed for use in tanks up to 4.6 meters. Alarms for larger tanks may be purchased special.
• Fuel Compatibility - Being of all stainless steel construction within the tank, the 144TA may be used in an array of fluid applications - from the fuelling industry to agricultural and chemical industries.
• Maintenance - Low battery light must be monitored and a replacement order installed when necessary.


Enclosure Polybutylene Terephthalate
Wire Grommet Nylon w/ Buna Seal
Float Switch Closed Cell Buna Float & Stainless Steel Rod
Pipe Stainless Steel
Tank Adaptor Stainless Steel
*144TA-0100 Single High Level Tank Alarm - 900mm/36” 1.8kg
*44TA-LLFS 36” Probe/Float Sub Assy

*NOTE: The complete unit requires both Probe and Alarm components as listed above

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