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You may know the Treloar Jordan valve due to our long manufacturing history of specialised control valves and regulators in Australia, well we no longer make them here in our factory but instead we import directly from the USA factory which has enabled us to keep up with the demands of industry and widen the range to cover all process needs with one manufacturer. We regularly see these valves lasting over 30 years in service which is a testament to design and quality.


Jordan Valve has a large line of industrial control valves to meet more specifications and applications. From sliding gate control valves to globe, wafer, motor operated, electric, bellows seal and angle body on/off control valves.


The sliding gate pressure reducing regulators are ideal for steam, liquid and gas media. A variety of regulators are available including self-operated, high flow, differential, vacuum, air loaded and pilot operated.


Globe/cage style valves for ANSI Class VI shutoff through 6" (DN150) in size. Jordan Valve manufactures globe and cage style control valves in a variety of materials from carbon and stainless steel to alloys and even PVC and PVDF.


Self-operated, industrial temperature control valves utilizing the unique Sliding Gate seat design. Due to the very short stroke length, it has narrow spans, excellent temperature control and unsurpassed seat life. Ideal for heat transfer fluids, steam, lubricating skids, storage tanks, large heat exchangers, boiler preheating, de superheating requiring +/-2-3% accuracy in a self-contained control valve.


Jordan Valve offers four different valve positioners including a top-mounted, side-mounted, smart valve and a flameproof smart positioner along with a variety of valve accessories.


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    • Socla, primarily a water and fluids specialist, has developed their product range to be extensive and competitive over the past 70 years – we import specific products used in the Australian market.

    • SOCLA has been growing for more than half a century. Their aim is and always has been to rise to the challenges and stand tall as a leader in the water and fluid control industry.

    • Founded in 1951 in Chalon-sur-Saône (France) and now a subsidiary of the Watts Water Technologies Group, SOCLA is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of specialist automatic and actuated plumbing systems.

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Huge range of control valves and regulators designed for use in many different industries, specialising in oil, gas and petroleum products these products are tough and reliable.

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