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Truck & Trailer Show Melbourne 2012 29/6/12

Treloar was at the Truck and Trailer show in March this year supporting our local tank truck manufacturers. This year we had a brand new stand and a scaled down, sample loading arm!
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Loading Arm on Display 20/9/11
Treloar mine site loading arm on display at the recent Aimex show in Sydney. Click to see a larger image.
Treloar Loading Arm on Display
Our Display at the 2011 Brisbane Truck Show 6/5/2011
The Treloar display at the recent Brisbane Truck Show. Click to see a larger image.
The Treloar stand


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Petro-Chemical Loading & Handling Systems
Capabilities to suit
Whether you’re looking for individual components or the design, build & commissioning of a complete loading gantry, Treloar has the expertise & experience required.
For over forty years Treloar has designed, manufactured and serviced equipment used for the transfer and storage of hazardous liquids. Beginning with such basic components as Kamloks and nozzles in the 1950s, Treloar has become a major supplier to the petroleum and chemical manufacturing and distribution industries. During this time, Treloar has gained experience and an understanding of the regulatory framework under which these industries must operate. Treloar provides a unique combination of technical expertise and experience to end users and their service contractors for safer storage and transfer of hazardous liquids.
Fluids being transferred and stored using Treloar components include:
petrols, diesel, biodiesel, avgas, oils, bitumen, methane, LPG, CNG, iso-pentane, anhydrous and aqueous ammonias, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, caustic, benzene, toluene, acrylates, hydrogen peroxide, naphthalene, sulphur, acetone, hexane, xylene, propylene oxide, styrene, ethanol, methanol, isocyanates, phenol, alum, cyanide, ink, fruit juice and milk.
Treloar’s Engineering Department are experienced in 3D computer drafting and in-house manufacturing quality control and are capable of meeting the highest standards.
The 3D Concept Drawings are invaluable in enabling project engineers, end users, operators, installers, service personnel and management to see the final product develop through each stage of design. Input is welcomed from all stakeholders, especially those that will be working with and on the equipment.
OH&S remains a mandatory priority for all customers. The most efficient placement of not only Treloar supplied equipment but also adjacent equipment and structure is critical to achieving the safest, most efficient and most economical outcome.
Since 2000, Treloar has been supplying fully automated liquid transfer solutions. Treloar is able to supply batch loading control systems complete with security access and tank monitoring software as well as complete site Terminal Automation Software. Whether it is a stand alone system or to interface with an existing SCADA/DCS system, Treloar can provide highly flexible and open control and communications solutions. Treloar can also arrange onsite installation, commissioning, training and servicing assistance for all mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and communications equipment supplied.
With Treloar’s many years of experience gained in working with end users, consulting engineers, installation contractors, regulatory authorities and transportation contractors, the design, build, installation, commissioning and operation processes can be carried out so that all stakeholders are satisfied through every step of the project.
Every hazardous liquid transfer application is unique and as such, require an understanding of a large number of issues relating to safety, performance, operability and serviceability. The success of new or upgraded liquid transfer equipment in both greenfield and brownfield sites is dependent on understanding these issues and the integration into the project objectives. The customer’s industry, and any relevant regulatory authority’s specifications are taken into account to providing a solution satisfactory to all stake holders.
Treloar’s in-house procedures ensure the appropriate quality control design and manufacturing procedures are applied to both individual components and complete turnkey liquid transfer systems.
Situations regularly considered by Treloar in the design and manufacture of liquid transfer components and systems include:

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