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Truck & Trailer Show Melbourne 2012 29/6/12

Treloar was at the Truck and Trailer show in March this year supporting our local tank truck manufacturers. This year we had a brand new stand and a scaled down, sample loading arm!
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Loading Arm on Display 20/9/11
Treloar mine site loading arm on display at the recent Aimex show in Sydney. Click to see a larger image.
Treloar Loading Arm on Display
Our Display at the 2011 Brisbane Truck Show 6/5/2011
The Treloar display at the recent Brisbane Truck Show. Click to see a larger image.
The Treloar stand


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M12 Series: Butterfly Valve

M12 Series: Butterfly Valve

These valves are classed as “Directional” and should be installed with the INLET side of the Disc facing upstream. The materials of construction for the body, disc, seals and shafts lend them to a wide range of service in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical indust­ries. It is recommended that these butterfly valves be mounted between flat face flanges.
• FULL CIRCLE SEAT - A unique angle construction        provides full 360° uninterrupted contact of disc O-ring    with body seat. The disc O-ring does not cut across the shaft holes.
• POSITIVE DISC DRIVE - Disc drive slot is end milled with webs each end to provide adequate strength for opening/operating torques which facilitates ease of assembly and disassembly permitting simple, economic on-site maintenance when necessary.
• SINGLE BODY/SEAT DESIGN - For economy, the body and seat are cast integrally. Strength is maintained to prevent collapse of the body when installed between flat face flanges. Body design lends itself to easy installation between a range of flange types - see “Specifications”.
• POSITIVE SHUT-OFF - All valves are hydrostatically tested before shipment in excess of their recommended maximum working pressure.
• ECONOMY OF MAINTENANCE - There are no expensive moulded rubber seats, packings etc. with this valve, standard O-rings are utilised which are easily and quickly replaced.
• RANGE OF OPERATORS - Simple ON-OFF Service, 10 Position throttling Handle Operators, Pneumatic or Electric Motor operators can be fitted economically to the standard body flange.
M124051V-80-1A           Aluminium Valve 80mm
                                    with Viton Trim
M124051V-100-1A         Aluminium Valve 100mm with
                                    Viton Trim
M124051T-80-1A            Aluminium Valve 80mm
                                    c/w Teflon Seals and 1A Handle
M124051T-100-1A          Aluminium Valve 100mm
                                    c/w Teflon Seals and 1A Handle
Weight:                         80mm  2kg
                                    100mm 2.5kg
Pressure Rating:            1380 kPa
Max. Flow Velocity:       5m/sec
Wafer Design:               To suite ANSI 150 or TTMA Tank Truck Flange
1A-80-100         Top works and Handle
BVF400T           Flange TTMA 100mm Aluminium
502SW-100       Flange TTMA 100mm Steel
R606248-700     O-ring (Body)
R012850-000     Disc Sub-Assembly (Viton)
R009551-000     Handle Sub-Assembly

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