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Truck & Trailer Show Melbourne 2012 29/6/12

Treloar was at the Truck and Trailer show in March this year supporting our local tank truck manufacturers. This year we had a brand new stand and a scaled down, sample loading arm!
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Loading Arm on Display 20/9/11
Treloar mine site loading arm on display at the recent Aimex show in Sydney. Click to see a larger image.
Treloar Loading Arm on Display
Our Display at the 2011 Brisbane Truck Show 6/5/2011
The Treloar display at the recent Brisbane Truck Show. Click to see a larger image.
The Treloar stand


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11AL & 11ALP

11AL & 11ALP

Download Treloar Data Sheet
OPW 11AL Series for Automobile Refuelling 11AL Nozzles are designed for today’s self serve customer, with safety and the environment in mind. Trim, lightweight and easy to use, the OPW 11AL is also a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service. The 11AL is a high quality nozzle that is competitively priced and comes in single or dual poppet design for attended or self serve sites.
• ‘Accu-Stop®” flow control allows your customers to top off their tank to the exact amount they want. Easy to stop flow precisely.
• A dash-pot on the dual poppet nozzle gives smoother closing action and reduced line shock.
• Shut-off mechanism is in a dry air chamber, giving better repeatability and eliminating the need for a filter, which may clog and reduce flow rates to unacceptable levels.
• Outlet check valve significantly reduces spillage.
• Fail safe poppet closes with the flow in compliance with UL 842, preventing discharge with excess pressure.
• Full hand insulator protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates user’s hands. Available in a wide range of colours.
• Listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., for 15% ethanol/methanol blends. Complies with N.S.C. General Supplementary Certificate S 3/0 and AS1940-1993 including the provision of an attitude valve.
• Dual poppet nozzles are standard without anchor spring or latching mechanism for self serve sites.
• Readily repaired in the field, six nozzle repair kits are available for nozzle service.
11AL-20            Leaded Single Poppet Nozzle
(Black, with anchor spring)
11ALP-20          Unleaded Single Poppet Nozzle
(Yellow, with anchor spring)
11AL/2-20-*       Leaded Dual Poppet Nozzle
(Specify Colour)
11ALP/2-20-    Unleaded Dual Poppet Nozzle
(Specify Colour)
11AL/P-SPG-*   Splash Guard (Specify Colour)
* Note: Standard Colours Available (Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue & White)
R010930-800     Black Hand Insulator
R010931-800     Blue Hand Insulator
R010932-800     Green Hand Insulator
R010933-800     Grey Hand Insulator
R010934-800     Red Hand Insulator
R010935-800     White Hand Insulator
R010936-800     Yellow Hand Insulator
R010682-400     Anchor Spring (Unleaded) Short
R010681-400     Anchor Spring (Leaded) Long   
Inlet Thread 20 mm (¾”) BSP Parallel Female Maximum
Static Pres 350 kPa (50 psi)
Weight 1.1 kg   
Flow Rate See Chart Over Page
36SL-20 x 20                 Single Plane Swivel 20mm Inlet
36SL-20 x 25                 Single Plane Swivel 25mm Inlet
241L-20 x 20                 Dual Plane Swivel 20mm Inlet
241L-25 x 25                 Dual Plane Swivel 25mm Inlet

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