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Truck & Trailer Show Melbourne 2012 29/6/12

Treloar was at the Truck and Trailer show in March this year supporting our local tank truck manufacturers. This year we had a brand new stand and a scaled down, sample loading arm!
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Loading Arm on Display 20/9/11
Treloar mine site loading arm on display at the recent Aimex show in Sydney. Click to see a larger image.
Treloar Loading Arm on Display
Our Display at the 2011 Brisbane Truck Show 6/5/2011
The Treloar display at the recent Brisbane Truck Show. Click to see a larger image.
The Treloar stand


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Control Valves

Control Valves

Jordan Valve

Sliding Gate Control Valves

We offer Sliding Gate pneumatic and electric utility and process control valves featuring very high turndown ratios, extremely long seat life, compact valve/actuator sizes, ease of maintenance and fast delivery.


High Pressure Control Valves

Pressure up to 6000 psi (414 bar) for the most demanding applications. Constructions include angle pattern (to 1"), bellows sealed, cryogenic extensions, high temperature bonnets, double packing designs and more. Ideal for test benches, chemical injection skids, pilot plants, process control, high pressure injection/venting and many more applications.


Globe/Cage Guided Control Valves

Globe/cage style valves for ANSI Class VI shutoff through 6" (DN150) in size. Jordan Valve manufactures globe and cage style control valves in a variety of materials from carbon and stainless steel to alloys and even PVC and PVDF.


Temperature Control Valves

Self-operated, industrial temperature control valves utilizing the unique Sliding Gate seat design. Due to the very short stroke length, it has narrow spans, excellent temperature control and unsurpassed seat life. Ideal for heat transfer fluids, steam, lubricating skids, storage tanks, large heat exchangers, boiler preheating, de superheating requiring +/-2-3% accuracy in a self contained control valve.


Valve Positioners

Top-mounted and side-mounted positioners for precise positioning of our control valves. A full range of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, intelligent and digital positioners to suit your application and budget. Hart, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus units available for any Jordan Valve control valve.



A range of accessories to optimize your regulator or control valve performance. These products include y-strainers, air regulators, I-P transducers, loading stations, flow regulators, controllers and more.

 OCV Control Valves



OCV Control Valves has many valve designs to meet the variety of requirements of water utility systems. By controlling pressure, rate of flow, surge and pump control, OCV’s valves can help improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution. OCV also has altitude control valves to service elevated water tanks and a digital control valves to interface with high level SCADA systems.

Fire Protection

OCV Control Valves offers a complete line of high performance listed and approved valves to assist in the fire protection industry. When fire breaks out, OCV understands that nothing can interfere with proper water flow so their valves are designed to work at emergency full-flow. It manufactures a variety of necessary valves including deluge valves, pressure control valves, relief valves, automatic level control valves and remote-control valves


OCV Control Valves is a global leader in hydraulic control and automation valves that allow us to service a variety of irrigation systems. OCV designs valves for agricultural, municipal, professional and turf irrigation systems. The company develops automated metering valves, hydraulic valves, and valves to control both water level and pressure. The goal is to provide solutions for a wide range of irrigation challenges.


Versatility is a key feature of our industrial valves. The company can custom design the valves to fulfill a variety of industrial fluid handling needs. Such applications include level control, pressure regulation, electronic control and several other needs.


OCV Control Valves prides itself on being a major supplier to the petroleum industry with a wide variety of automatic and self-actuated control valves. The valves are designed to meet the variety of needs in this industry. Such valves include pump control valves, pressure relief and safety valves, high level shut-off valves and flow control valves.


Aviation Fuelling

OCV Control Valves provides automatic control valves for both commercial and military aviation. The valves can be used for a variety of applications including fuel control at receiving facilities, storage tanks and fuel/water separation stations.



 Control Valves

Pressure Controllers


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