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Truck & Trailer Show Melbourne 2012 29/6/12

Treloar was at the Truck and Trailer show in March this year supporting our local tank truck manufacturers. This year we had a brand new stand and a scaled down, sample loading arm!
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Click to see larger photos of the Truck Show
Loading Arm on Display 20/9/11
Treloar mine site loading arm on display at the recent Aimex show in Sydney. Click to see a larger image.
Treloar Loading Arm on Display
Our Display at the 2011 Brisbane Truck Show 6/5/2011
The Treloar display at the recent Brisbane Truck Show. Click to see a larger image.
The Treloar stand


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Visi-flo: Sight Flow Indicators

Visi-flo: Sight Flow Indicators


 Click to download Visi-Flo Sight Flow Indicator Data SheetVisi-Flo Sight Flow Indicator

A quick, reliable and inexpensive way to verify flow rate and direction & monitor colour and clarity in fluid lines.

Dollar for dollar, sight flow indicators are the most cost efficient and effective way to visually monitor the flow of fluids and to determine where, if any, problems exist at certain points along the industrial process line. Applications include:
Chemical industry, power plants, petroleum industry, waste water treatment, manufacturing and OEM Markets.
VISI-FLO’s® unique bolt-on design fastens the face plate assembly directly to the body with no special torquing sequence. This provides quick, complete access to the unit from the front side, which gives companies the flexibility to install VISI-FLO® in locations where other sight flow indicators cannot be installed due to clearance problems. Tie rod design sight flow indicators present challenges when it comes to fastening the lens and seal to the body.
Due principally to the failure of conventional flat seals, the complaint most often registered against sight flow indicators is that they leak. VISI-FLO® is guaranteed not to leak for three full years under normal use. The key design attributes that enable OPW’s innovative radial sealing design is so good, it’s guaranteed not to leak!

VISI-FLO® 1400 & 1500 Series Sight Flow Indicators

VISI-FLO’s are available in two series: the Standard 1400 Series, and the 1500 High-Pressure High-Temperature Series.

Standard Features

Exclusive 3-Year “No-Leak” Guarantee – VISI-FLO’s innovative radial seal creates a constant and uninterrupted sealing force between the body and outside diameter of the glass lens. This sealing method provides a longer lasting and better seal than conventional flat seals.

Maintenance-Free Design – Visi-Flo’s unique, bolt-on-body design requires no special maintenance or torquing sequence be followed to prevent leaks. This results in a safer, more reliable sight flow indicator than units using tie rods to fasten lens and seal to body.

Four Indicator Styles

  1. Propeller – The best way to show flow of opaque liquids. Ideal for observation at a distance. Flow from right to left is standard. Specify if left to right flow is needed. Not recommended for flow rates above 100 GPM.
  2. Bi-Directional Flapper – This indicator points in either direction to show you at a glance which way the liquid is flowing.
  3. Bi-Directional Plain – When the color and clarity of your liquid are of prime importance.
  4. Drip Tube – Ideal for gravity, extremely low or intermittent flow. Keeps product from dripping on the glass. Assures constant see-through for vertical lines.

On 2" and Smaller Units – bottom PTFE spacer eliminates seal deformation due to pressure cycling.

For more information, click here to download printable PDF.

 Visi-Flo Sight Flow Indicator


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